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    Pretty sure a "u mad?" meme would fit here but I don't like to be that glaringly obvious lol.

    Maybe switch to decaf, obs?

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    'Mult'&'Tasking' are the words yall are looking for

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    so, i dun wanna read thru 14 pages.

    i got myself a cbt 3 key teh other day and wonder which server you guys rolling on? is it valley of titans with aphotic and uprising?

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    Nah we just picked Jagged Coast for beta bs, to avoid queue/crashing server. I don't think its as populated but its good.

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    i c. well i'll check it out in an hour i guess. just wanna see how playable the game will be for me with my azn ping

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    Supports TERA even though its not listed on their web.

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    I approve this thread in its entirety.

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    Hey um I believe I'm preordering the game today do u think I can still get a beta key?

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